Surf Courses

Volcano surf course in famara


2,5h surf lesson (includes transport and equipment).
Technical briefing and exercises followed by a free session under close supervision. Beginners, intermediate and advanced level. You will be surprised how your ability to surf will change in this short time! Just bring a botle of water, don ´t forget suncream and.. motivation 😉

Sonja Surfing Famara

XL RIDE: 3 x 2,5 hours

for all levels

This Ride is made especially for people who want to go surfing and enjoy as well other activities on the island.
This flexible program gives you the opportunity to choose 3 days surfing in your holiday. You will improve your skills while keeping the same instructor these days to ensure that you will learn as much as you can about surfing in these chosen days.

Surfing Wave

XXL RIDE: 5 x 2,5 hours

for all levels

You really want to learn all about surfing? Then this is probably the best surf ride for you to choose. You will get a full course, surf in various surf conditions, learn all about surfing and ocean knowledge and you will enjoy your personal progression.

closeup of a surfer holding a surfboard

Expert Training

"Acting and thinking like a Surfer"

10 days - All levels

An amazing program for everyone who really wants to discover the Spirit of Surfing. Apart from the full surfing course, you will have a technical analyse of your surfing with video supervision. In small, relaxed meetings in the surf school your instructor will go with you through the most important theoretical explanations about surfing, the elemental roots of surfing, the shape of the boards, how to understand the weather and it`s effect on the movement of the ocean, about swells, the wind etc.

This program is made for people, who definitely want to improve their surfing. Expert Training was created for getting the maximum improvement someone can achieve during 10 days. You become "a real surfer", if you are able by yourself to read the ocean, to understand how your surf board works, where the surfing comes from and why this knowledge of these specific aspects of surfing is that important. Having fun is the most significant term in surfing, but without enough experience and knowledge it is sometimes easy to loose this felling.

During your training, depending on the conditions, you will offer you the pleasure to enjoy the feeling of an "early morning session" or a "sunset session"